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Different products require a different approach depending on the type of product and the target audience. You need a specialist copywriter that understands when and how to spell out the features and benefits of your products to your customers.

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It’s important to showcase your brand in front of your customers. You don’t want to waste your budget by guessing if your ROI is high or low. Let me help you set up and monitor your ads. I don’t work on guesses. I monitor the outcome and make necessary changes to optimize conversion rate.


One-time customers can be made to return over and over again through effective newsletters. Whether weekly or monthly, I’ll develop engaging newsletters that’ll make your customers visit again. And ensure that when they need to make a purchase online, your brand comes to their mind.

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As an ecommerce copywriter, I’m a specialist in writing website pages, sales/landing pages, blog content, and a variety of web copy for small and big ecommerce stores. If you’ve got something special, contact me and let’s hit the ground running.

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My mission is to help you move your ecommerce store to the next level – ahead of your competition

For more than 10 years, I remained a salesman while studying in high school and college.

I interacted with countless customers; educated, non-educated, friendly, harsh, funny, boring, and all sort of people.

This gave me a practical knowledge on how to relate and communicate with different customers irrespective of their background.

I found copywriting a couple years after college and fell in love with the profession. I eventually decided to go freelancing to leverage my marketing skills.

Over the years, I’ve written several product reviews, blog posts, newsletters, sales/landing pages, and so on.


Selene Benjamin

Fouad has an easy to read style and nice flow to his writing. I appreciate him right from the first email and how pleasant he’s been to communicate with. Editor –

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