March 6, 2017


Do you need a copywriter or a good copywriter?

I believe you’re here because you want a professional copywriter to craft a compelling copy that will increase your conversion rate and generate more sales.

My clients go through these steps to have me work on their projects.


Contact Me#1 Contact me 

Use the contact form below or send me an email about the project you have in mind. I typically reply every email within a short while. I check my inbox every day.


Question#2 I ask you questions

Depending on how detailed your message is I’ll ask few or several questions. I get to know more about your business and request every piece of information I need to get the job done.

Writing a successful copy that makes a lot of sales takes time. In the case of a one-time project, I’ll let you know how long the project will take. For a long-term project, we’ll work out a perfect timing.


Write copy ecommerce#3 I get my hands dirty with copy

If your project looks like a good fit, I’ll begin working on it as soon as you deposit 50% percent of the fee. I charge per project and my rates vary.
You won’t have to worry if I’m working on your project or not. I’ll update you on the progress from time to time.
I’ll contact you if I need additional information during the writing process.


Review#4 You review the copy

I send the complete copy to you as a Pdf or Docx file when I’m done.
Please note that I offer one-time edit for every project. So, be sure to review the copy carefully before returning it for corrections (if necessary).
I’ll make the necessary changes and return the final copy to you.


Complete the deal#5 End the deal

I’ll make the necessary changes and send the final copy to you. You pay up the balance and we move to the next project. Or have a ‘goodbye handshake’ for a smooth and successful business.



Does this sound like we’re a good fit?



Fill the form below or send me an email to get started